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BOOM! Extrax

At Boom Extrax we create some of the purest CO2 extracts and distillates available.

With CO2 extraction methods, carbon dioxide is pressurized and converted to liquid. It becomes a safe and effective solvent that allows all the desirable terpenes and cannabinoids to be  collected without the risk of heat degradation or exposure to potentially toxic solvents such as butane or other petroleum-based solvents. At the end of the process no CO2 remains, just pure extract.

Our CO2 extraction artists use sub-critical and super-critical extraction methods to refine our carefully-sourced pesticide-free flower to it’s essence. Our proprietary methods retain the terpenes and unique chemical properties of each strain we process.  Our extracts are always solvent-free.

Our distillate is created using fractional distillation methods that create an almost pure THC product. After our product is distilled, we add our CO2-extracted strain-specific terpenes for a great entourage effect.


Our shatter is stable, firm, and delicious. Packed with terpenes derived from selected strains, this is as good as shatter gets.  The color of our CO2 extracts varies by strain, and unlike butane or distillates, a darker color does not indicate inferior quality.


Wild west sap is incredibly terpene-rich. We recommend dabbing this at a lower temperature to fully enjoy the flavor profiles present.  We refrain from over processing our sap, preferring it to be as close to the original flower as possible.


This highly-refined distillate is super clear and pure. 100% natural cannabis terpenes are reintroduced
at the end of the process for a delicious flavor and to broaden the entourage effect.

Ride Series CO2 Extract Cartridges

Ride Series cartridges are filled with Boom Extrax pure CO2 cannabis oil, with no additives. Sativa-dominant hybrid flower is converted to oil using a C02 extraction process that leaves behind no solvents, and retains terpenes.

Our ultra-premium glass and metal cartridges were custom engineered for CO2 cannabis essential oil. This means a reliable, easy draw that doesn’t leave oil unvaped. Our cartridges will work with any 3 stage battery, but we recommend our Ride series batteries.

Ride Instructions

Slow Ride


Slow Ride is great for pain relief, a mild high with CBD benefits. Anyone with medical issues or aches and pains will love the relief this mix gives.

Joy Ride THC

Joy Ride CBD cartridges are pure sativa dominate strains extracted into a delicious oil produces a lasting uplifting high.  1/2 gram cartridges.

Wild Ride Distillate

This highly-refined distillate is super clear and pure. 100% natural cannabis terpenes are reintroduced at the end. Try it, and you’ll become a believer.