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Daily J All-Flower Joints

Daily J’s are potent and flavorful, made from our select sativa-dominant jar-cured cannabis. A Boveda humidity control packet in every package of Daily J’s uses pure water to keep the humidity of our joints at the perfect level for freshness, smoothness and flavor.  Daily J’s are  never made with  trim or shake, just 100% great-tasting cured flower.

Daily J King Size Joints

Our 7-pack is a full quarter ounce of premium  all-flower cannabis, perfectly rolled and always fresh, at a great price.  Our package is resealable and contains a Boveda humidity control packet to keep your joints fresh for weeks.

Baby Js Mini Joints

Baby J’s are 3 1/3 gram joints packed in a convenient rugged slide tin. Perfect for those who like to smoke on the go, Baby Js are made with the same premium flower we use for our king-size joints. The tin also contains a Boveda pack for humidity control and freshness.