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Quality is In Our Roots

Wild West Growers mission is to provide cannabis consumers and the retailers that serve them with a wide variety of cannabis flowers, concentrates, extracts, and edibles of exceptional quality produced in our professionally-managed facilities. Our passion for quality extends to providing impeccable service to our customers and a safe and supportive work environment for our employees that encourages and rewards exceptional performance, innovation, and attention to detail. 



Wild West flower is grown from top genetic strains using organic methods in living soil. We are always pesticide-free, and use natural methods to control pests and provide nutrients. Our flower is expertly hand-trimmed and cured for maximum flavor and quality.


Wild West clones are exclusively grown for farms and dispensaries. We use healthy mothers with great genetics and provide over 30 different strains. Our clones come in 4″ pots,  and are guaranteed rooted.


Wild West is a leader in Oregon’s edible market, with Baker Bros cookies, Chocolust Chocolate Hearts, Potshots, and Yummi Gummi brands. Our products are hand made in our commercial kitchen facility by a dedicated crew and supplied to over 300 dispensaries in Oregon


Boom Extrax is our concentrates division. Our extracts are extremely pure, extracted with CO2 methods, leaving no residual solvents. We create brittle and clear shatter, oil and distillates, bursting with flavorful terpenes.

Our Brands